With several hundred Star Wars Video Games that have been played and enjoyed ever since the original Atari game of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ proved such a hit in 1982, in was hard to narrow down the selection to the top ten games of all time. But here is my list of the best games of the franchise.


1. Knights Of The Old Republic. Knights combined a great story with classic RPG to produce one of the most popular games of the franchise. Set thousands of years before the movie series, this story made it a classic favorite for all fans.

2. Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Using your Jedi Powers in Dark Forces II made this first person action game a firm favorite.

3. Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Some fun arcade style shooting action made Rogue Squadron II a firm favorite with space game fans.

4. TIE Fighter. TIE Fighter followed soon after X-Wing with improved graphics and storyline to provide fans with a more enjoyable game.


5. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Based on the Quake III engine, this 2002 game was notable particularly for the great light saber battles.

6. Lego Star Wars II. Based on events of the original movie trilogy, the second lego game of the series proved to be very popular.

7. X-Wing. The original PC game that later would go on to inspire three full sequels and expansion packs, this game allowed you to finally fly an X-Wing and help the alliance.


8. Empire at War. You could control the universe in this popular 2006 strategy game.

9. Dark Forces. Your mission was to stop Darth Vader creating a race of Dark Troopers (like Stom Troopers only meaner), in this 1995 Doom style shooter game.

10. Republic Commando. Working with the dark side to create and control a group of clones in the clone was, this first person shooter released in 2005 provided lots of gameplay for fans.

So there you go, the top ten Star Wars Games of all time. While everyone will have a different opinion of which games should have made the list, these classics still seem to remain favorites in the hearts of true fans of the series.